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Professional: As an agent at Gateway Real Estate Group in Boston, I specialize in representing tenants and landlords in rental transactions. Prior to that, I worked as a property manager in Boulder, CO, where I helped with marketing, customer service, and maintenance on a portfolio of rental properties with about 200 total tenants. Read more at LinkedIn.

Charity: My favorite way to help others is through KIVA. After you’ve finished “teaching a man how to fish”, he will still need to buy some nets and a boat. However, many developing countries do not have a functional banking system to help him do that. KIVA fills the gap, providing affordable loans to people who need them. Because the money is paid back, it can be lent over and over again to new borrowers. I feel that this makes the mone go much farther than a traditional gift to charity, which is “one and done”. So far, I have funded over 400 loans on KIVA. See more here.

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