Allston Christmas: Where to Find the Best Gifts

Allston Christmas is here. Click to enlarge.

Update: This post was really popular! Here is a full run-down of the coverage it got.

Where should you go shopping to find the best “gifts” on Allston Christmas? If you don’t know what we are talking about, see here or here before continuing.

The obvious answer, “in Allston”, is correct, but troublingly vague. The slightly more detailed, “everywhere in Allston”, still lacks the specificity that readers like you want.

So, to satisfy your dreams of hyper-local, block-by-block data, I have created the Official* Allston Christmas Heatmap! Now you can plan your exact route beforehand. Or use this map to avoid the worst traffic jams. On Second thought, just leave Boston for the weekend if you can’t stand traffic!


  1. Free furniture is left by people who are moving out.
  2. Every place where someone is moving out was listed for rent.
  3. So this heatmap was generated from a list of every house and apartment that has been listed for rent this year in Allston, filtered for only Sept 1st move-in dates.  (n=1479)
  4. Thanks to my employer, Gateway Real Estate Group, who allowed me to use their data for this map!

* Final disclaimer: beware of bed bugs in free furniture. Also, verify that items are truly abandoned before taking them. Otherwise it is theft. Have fun!

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